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“Not an Addict” by K Choice, which hit #5 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart back in 1995, is now revived from the dead as Ran-D and Psyko Punkz join forces to unveil their own hardstyle version of the song.

The new rendition of “Not an Addict” is bound to take center stage with its screaming synths, crunchy kick drums, and killer vocals by K’s Choice singer Sam Bettens.

In the words of Ran-D and Punkz, “Doing a track together with K’s Choice is a really big honor for us. We’re really happy with the result, and it shows that we are all addicts to the music in the end.”

K’s Choice, on the other hand, reacts, “We owe a lot to our most well-known song, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that ‘Not An Addict’ has nothing new in store for us. So we are extremely proud and happy to see that our song still manages to inspire new generations, with this contemporary version of Ran-D and Psyko Punkz as a sterling example.”

Here’s Ran-D and Psyko Punkz’s rendition of K’s Choice’s “Not An Addict!”

And tell us this, are you vibing the original or the remix more?

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