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We always bring you what’s hip and happening in the electronic dance music scene and today is no exception. This is all about Amsterdam Dance Event Green.

It’s about time that we give you a sneak preview of this year’s program for ADE Green. We’ve selected some pioneering and thought-provoking themes for ADE Green’s 7th edition.

But before that, when and where is ADE Green going on this 2019? None other than the DeLaMar Theater on Friday, October 18. 

Innofest will present six innovations that will change the industry, and the organizers even reserved one wildcard entry for the creator(s) of the most ground-breaking event innovation of 2019 worldwide! There’s still time for you to apply now!

ADE Green this year will address a huge issue in the world - flying and the carbon impact it has on the planet. ADE Green will discuss the biggest challenges when accomplishing an environmentally-friendly festival and Plastic Promise, in particular, will discuss responsible plastic use.

There’ll also be a panel entitled “The Sound of Nature,” where DJs, music producers and VJs will talk about how they use nature in all its forms and transformations, specifically how they use that topic as the main source of inspiration for their musical and visual creations. 

Activism has made a huge comeback and  we’ve seen more and more people taking on the streets about numerous causes. But, how does one actually form a movement and create a positive impact? That is what ADE Green is offering to teach you! 

Before we take a look at the specific ADE Green topics, watch this Clubbing TV video talking about climate change and sustainability! ;


At Innofest, six innovations will change the industry. More and more organizers are talking about sustainability  and how to make smarter and cleaner choices. But who are the real innovators and, more importantly: what are their solutions? 

Innofest provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to test their innovation at festivals because if they manage to make a positive impact during an event, they have a pretty decent chance of succeeding in society as well. In this year’s ADE Green program, Innofest invites six promising innovations on stage. They’re all ready-to-go innovations, with a test record to prove it.

Now, as mentioned earlier, if you’ve ever dreamed of stepping on the big stage to present your start-up, ADE Green 2019 has reserved one wildcard entry for the creator(s) of the most ground-breaking event innovation in the world. You can apply with your idea or invention before Monday, September 23rd. 

If that wildcard spot is yours, then you’ll get to pitch it in front of a large audience that includes event organizers and industry professionals. As an added bonus, travel and accommodation from Innofest will be provided!

Got any good ideas? Tell us now here on Clubbing TV!

Frequent Flyers

Now, an interesting topic that ADE Green 2019 is gonna be talking about are frequent flyers, more specifically, how to reduce air miles in a globalized industry. 

We can make responsible choices in reducing our environmental impact by using reusable bottles and living a vegetarian lifestyle, but there is one problem often ignored: our appetite for flying around the world. Maybe because it’s the most difficult one to solve, right? Offsetting your carbon impact eases the pain, and innovations will come up in the future but what can we change NOW? 

If you have any ideas, let us know!

Circular Festivals

The circular economy provides a sustainable answer to society’s greatest challenge of the 21st century. Festivals can serve as an elaboration for circular economic innovation and experimentation. They must provide all basic needs like sanitation, food, shelter, and waste disposal. The ADE Green team is looking to  further research, experiment, and improve on the most promising interventions for circular festivals.

What do you think needs to be improved? The Clubbing TV team would love to know!

Plastic Promise

Exactly 1 year ago, Plastic Promise was launched at ADE Green. Major players in the event industry pledged to cut their use of disposable plastics in half within the next three years. Over the past 12 months, these players have made their first steps, pioneering several projects. The session ADE Green 2019 is planning aims to provide facts & figures on plastic use in the music industry based on information in the past year.

How have you been reducing your use of plastic to help mother earth? We want to know!

The Sound of Nature

ADE Green is all about rediscovering how human beings can come together and celebrate in harmony for the protection of Mother Earth. The first step? We need to listen. The whole world communicates through sound, or better yet: through vibration. And some artists will say it’s groundbreaking to turn these sounds into music because it helps us to become aware and present. 

How cool is that, right? Give us some suggestions too - How do you translate music?

The Art of Campaigning

Then, there’s the art of campaigning.

We’ve seen more and more people taking to the streets or speaking out over a cause especially among youth nowadays - Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion as great examples. In The Art of Campaigning, the panel will explore the different ways to form a campaign through music and events, taking into account the role of the media. How do we empower audiences, and ultimately our governments, to take action?

That question will be answered in the art of campaigning. If you have any suggestions, we want to know!

Those are some of the best features and topics that ADE Green will be tackling this October! Which theme of the grand event do you think is most unique? Let us know on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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