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Manchester’s Homoelectric has been preparing for their debut for the past two years, and they’re finally ready to launch on November 9 at Depot, Mayfield! 

The event is spread over 4 different stages with the most incredible lineup, ready to host 10,000 revellers at the Manchester paradise. Plus, Homobloc has a message like no other too - that it’s a party for everyone. In their words, “Love is the message  in a party that unites the clans, for homos, hetros, lesbos, don't knows and disko asbos.  Musically Homoelectric was always about a melting pot of music genres; music they loved, from afrobeat, boogie, disco, garage house, techno, voodoo, outer space bass buggin' futurism, and outsider pop all thrown into the mix with no pomp or pretension. A heartfelt felt evangelism that is about believing in something. A come as you are celebration that's not about exclusivity, on the contrary, the more the merrier.”

Some of the artists included in their first wave announcement include The Black Madonna, Roisin Murphy, Robyn (DJ Set), DJ HAAI, Midland, Jaye Ward, Honey Soundsystem, Prosumer, Adonis, and Jamie Bull. Huge names like Seth Troxler, Hunee, Crazy P, Romy XX, Honey Dijon, Optimo, Horse Meat Disco, Palms Trax, and Dan Beaumont will be there as well!

In the words of founder Luke Unabomber, “It's with great excitement, after two decades of blood sweat and tears from out first home in a Manchester back street club , we are planning our very own Homoelectric festival. We have finally found our holy grail place.This is something very special and as ever this is all about uniting the clans,togetherness, inclusivity and love. Building a place where we can bring together all our people and our heroes and dance till we are free. A queer block party for all.”

Know more about Homoelectric’s Homobloc through their website! https://www.homobloc.co.uk/

Then, let us know if you’ll be one of the ten thousand souls present there!

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