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Live Today, Love Tomorrow, and Unite Forever!


Tomorrowland is one of the biggest festivals in the world. It starts from July 19th to 21st for the first leg of the event and ends from July 26th to 28th 2019. That’s how big it is! Two different parts!

This festival has been taking place in Belgium since 2005 and is re-uniting the entire planet expecting people coming from all around the world - I’ll even be there!

Steve Aoki once said in a Clubbing TV interview that Tomorrowland, for him, is the most eclectic festival in the world, gathering tons of different cultures.  For this year, as you will see in the next video, the theme of the festival is “The Book of Wisdom, The Return”. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip3fiU2NplY&feature=youtu.be 

After watching that video, tell us what you think about their beautiful vision of living today, loving tomorrow, and uniting forever?


Let us tell you that this festival is absolutely gigantic. But, you will be able to find information points everywhere that have a map of the festival. There is even a newspaper made only for the festival, but distributed during the day. You can have your own villa, house and swimming pool, depending on how you want to experience the celebration. 

If you want to opt for another accommodation, you can go camping but in the most glam way with a luxury tent - or set up your own simply hut. 

Around the area, you will also be able to find little villages full of stores, tattoos shops, restaurants, bars, clothes, makeup, and activities, like sport sessions!

You want to visualize for yourself? Here’s a look at last year’s aftermovie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkyVTxH2fIM&feature=youtu.be (1:30-3:10)

After watching that tidbit, let us know - have you ever been camping at a festival before?


I don’t think you guys realize how huge this festival really is - you have to see it with your own eyes! Tomorrowland is both magical and extraordinary, gathering numerous different genres of music, activities, people, spaces, food, stages, and so much more! The fireworks when the sun goes down will top it all off and blow your mind!

Let us tell you - there is no way you’re disliking this festival. It truly is a place for everybody! 

Here’s another extract from last year’s aftermovie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkyVTxH2fIM&feature=youtu.be 

The People 

In terms of numbers, Tomorrowland has attracted 400 000 people for the consecutive second year for both weekends last year. When you go there, don’t forget to bring your flag to represent your country, discover other cultures and create friendships! If you want to know more about the festival don’t hesitate to go to their official website. 

The Clubbing TV crew will be there as well, interviewing some of the artists! Don’t miss it, because we can’t wait to be with you!

People of tomorrow, let’s unite, forever! 

That concludes our Tomorrowland episode as we Live Today, Love Tomorrow, and Unite Forever! Let us know which detail of the grand event tickled your fancy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! 

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