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As they say, “the rest is noise” as you catch Kaos Garden, the first immersive experience of Elrowart!

Kaos Garden pays ode to one of the world’s most significant and enigmatic works of art, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosco. Through Kaos Garden, those who love both art and music will get to enjoy the most immersive, magical, ephemeral experience!

At Kaos Garden, you’ll be able to step into a fantastic beat that beams surrealism, unleashed colours, where time ceases to exist. 

Expect decoration, music, artists, and of course, the best of human interaction!

According to Okuda San Miguel, who is the spirit of Kaos Garden, “I think life is boring if you don't do things your own way, even if it is not the way or in the order in which everyone expects. For me, chaos is the freedom to choose your own path and have a good time going through it. Let's do it our way", says the Spaniard, who challenges all to be funny and irreverent in a magical event like the work of art he represents. "This experience is a challenge for me, an opportunity to innovate and do something different, because making music that identifies Okuda, elrow and what I represent, is a challenge because they are three very different concepts but at the same time very connected.”

The theme for the monumental event at Amnesia Ibiza will be highlighted on Saturday, September 28! This is the culmination of Ibiza’s elrow season!

Watch this video for a little bit of a teaser! http://www.elrowart.com/en/kaosgarden

Then, let us know what you think about the concept!

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