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The official music video for Courage’s single “Right Now” is out now!

Motion designer Alice Backham produced the animations for the video, while artist Stella Murphy made the illustrations. It begins with a retro television screen and an endless amount of colorful cartoon characters, of course, for the adult audience. “Right Now” shows the coolest animals, superheroes, aliens, rotating fruit, and even ordinary people living their everyday lives to show the variety of the bouncy basslines, pop, and dance elements.

As a track, “Right Now” is Courage’s lead single for Get Some Courage Volume 2 EP, the song co-written by MNEX, RAY BLK, and Ashley. The EP as a whole features Taura, RoRo, Raheaven, Blossom Caldarone, Kadiata and Jelani Blackman. Courage himself as an artist has totalled 4 million Spotify streams so far in his career!

Here’s the music video for “Right Now!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7WdynFUngU&feature=youtu.be

After you watch that video, let us know how it made you feel!

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