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It’s all about Kappa Futur Festival in Italy!

Kappa Futur Festival starting in December 2009 simply named as Futur Festival to celebrate the centenary of Futurism, gathering more than 7,000 people from all over Italy to the iconic Oval Lingotto. A few years later, on June 30, 2012 to be exact, the celebration evolved to Kappa Futur Festival, taking its name from a well-known sports brand, who president suggested to move the venue to Parco Dora.

The New York Times even hailed Kappa Futur Festival the most unmissable event of the year back in January 2016! That same year and the year after, Kappa Futur Festival collaborated with Movement Torino Music Festival, receiving its European Commission Patronage. This is the first time an event like this happened in Italy!

Kappa FuturFestival 2017 has had a record attendance of 26% from abroad with more than 62 nationalities among the 45,000 participants. In 2018, Kappa Futur Festival added a fourth stage to their event and hit a new industry record of 65 high-profile international artists, 24 Italian performers (13 from Torino), 50,000 participants (with 35% from abroad) and among them, 87 various nations.

Kappa Futur Festival 2018 was truly incredible! Check out this aftermovie to see what it was like!


This July 6 to 7, Kappa Futur Festival is going back to turni for a lineup of the leading artists in underground, house, and techno - from Detroit legends to Berlin favorites, from homegrown Italian talent to world-renowned international producers and everything more!

Among the names that will be performing at Kappa Futur Festival on July 6 include Amelie Lens, Jamie Jones, Solomun, Carl Cox, and Derick May. For the second day, Nina Kraviz, Ricardo Villalobos, Len Faki, and Vitalic (live) will be present! For the entire lineup, check out Kappa Futur Festival’s website or Facebook page! You will definitely not be disappointed!

Watch this other movie of last year’s edition as well, this time, showing you what Kappa Futur Festival is like at night!

Then, let us know which you prefer more - the July 6 lineup or the July 7 lineup?


There’ll be bars and food areas within the VIP areas so you can have your own space. If you’ve got a car, Kappa Futur has you covered with parking. If you don’t, they have taxis. And they keep it safe as well with a red cross area, which has information points if you need any help.

When buying drinks and food, feel free to top-up so you can add credit to your paycard without wasting any time in line. And for the ultimate remembrance, the most stylish merchandise is within your reach!

Let us know, what other kinds of booths would you want Kappa Futur Festival to have? 

Clubbing TV

If you can’t book your ticket to Italy in time, Clubbing TV has you covered! We’re broadcasting one stage of the festival on our channel, so you can watch it from the comforts of your home and not miss a minute of your rendez-vous!

Of the stages in Kappa Futur, why don’t you let us know which one you would want us to broadcast?

So those are some of our tidbits on Kappa Futur Festival, happening from July 6 to 7 in Italy this 2019! If you’re going, tell us all your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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