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Circus event/label-head Yousef has something new for all of us! His fourth studio album “9 Moor Drive” is ready for release this August 16, showing his journey through childhood - touching on extreme difficulties, laughter, and freedom in his Liverpool home from the age of four to fourteen.

“9 Moor Drive” is inspired by the street that he lived on during that 10 year period, believing that every experience he did there shaped both the man and the artist he is today. It’s the tough times on 9 Moor Drive which inspires his creativity to flow. In Yousef’s words, “9 Moor Drive is autobiographical, but it isn’t a bleeding-heart story about hard times or anguish. It’s about dealing with life's difficulties, exploring creativity and reminiscing about my life’s defining moments. It is the final piece in a long cathartic process about those times.”

And to tease what’s to come from Yousef in “9 Moor Drive,” he just released one of the singles from the album entitled “Riches to Rags,” a track that talks about the financial decline of his family. It’s the first piece of the very personal puzzle, which the English artist hopes will inspire all his fans going through similar tough times.

Why don’t you grab a listen to “Rags to Riches” now! https://soundcloud.com/yousef/richestorags/s-ZB7K6

After that, give a little message to Yousef on how you’ve been inspired by his music.

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