February 7, 2019 by

We’ve all been waiting for noted party brand Elrow to makes its return to Bristol at Motion and The Marble Factory. Well, it’s finally happening on Easter Sunday April 21!

Something new for Elrow this year is actually Rowmudas, which is a brand new underwater them that has been gaining popularity across the world. Because Bristol is known for their maritime history, what Rowmudas aims to do is bring Elrow attendees to the Craken through a boat. What they’ll have to do is find the Party Of Eternal Happiness, and through that journey discover glimmering treasure, untouched shipwrecks, and hippy communes. This will make Elrow even more unforgettable!

To keep updated with which artists will be performing at the Bristol location of Elrow this April, check out their website!  www.elrow.com Be sure to grab first access to tickets to the event as well!

Then, let us know your thoughts on Elrow’s newest underwater theme!

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