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They call themselves “the world’s most unique music festival” and their lineup definitely tells you why, Secret Solstice is ready for their Reykjavik party this June!

The event just announced their phase one lineup, proudly presenting Robert Plant & the Sensational Shape Shifters, Martin Garrix, and Rita Ora, as well as Boy Pablo, Foreign Beggars, Kerri Chandler, Morcheeba, MK,and Pussy Riot to name a few! As for local acts, XXX Rottweiler, Hogni, Ari Arelius, Auour, Svala, Captain Syrup, ClubDub, Densol, Exos, Ingi Bauer, Johann Stone, KrBear, Mike The Jacket, Oktav DJ, and Vibes will all be there, not to mention Pink Street Boys, Rokky, Sera Bjossi, Sprite Zero Klan, and Ragga Holm. 

Secret Solstice promises 72 hours of non-stop daylight with some of the top international and local Icelandic acts present. This is the fifth year that the event is bringing together powerhouse and emerging acts while offering glacier and lava tunnel parties. Secret Solstice is a must-attend event this summer because it caters to adventure and destination for festival-goers with a passion for the outdoors!

If you want to watch their Secret Solstice’s Phase One announcement video, click here now! https://www.facebook.com/secretsolstice/videos/539213393242154/?utm_source=Sign-Up.to&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=5345-382573-SS2019%20PR1%20INTL%20Media 

Be sure to let us know which of the party’s artists that they announced during phase one you love the most!

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