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We’re going to take a little bit of a travel to Morocco! A Moroccan Proverb once said, “The moon and the stars are not above us, the earth is on the other side of our feet,” and we have to agree… everything wonderful to discover is within our reach, so why not start our travels at ‘the place the sun sets,’ beautiful Morocco! Today, we’ll be checking out Morocco’s top festivals, so let’s take a look at them now!

Oasis Festival

Let’s start with the festival officially on its fifth year - Oasis!

Oasis festival showcases the finest international talent while also promoting North Africa’s music, arts, and culture. This 2019, Oasis is happening in Marrakech from September 13 to 15, featuring a lineup that includes Actress, Alex Niggemann, Amine K, Avalon Emerson, Bassam, Ben Klock, Black Coffee, Boo Williams, Bradley Zero b2b Sassy J, Carl Cox, Casa Voyager, CC:Disco!, Cinthie b2b Myriam, Damian Lazarus, Dea Barandana, Deetron, Demuja b2b DJ Boring, and Denis Horvat to name a few! If you want to see their entire lineup, check out their website! http://theoasisfest.com/lineup/

Now, as we said, something special about Oasis is that it offers the entire experience, including culture and wellness. At this festival, you can step away from the dancefloor and enjoy the tucked in champagne, cocktail bars, spa, hookah lounge, and culinary delights! You can also lounge by the pool listening to house music jams while watching the sunset, or you can opt to hit up the yoga classes, spa, and make-up station. In HighSnobiety’s words, ““It’s not just the musical offering that makes this one special, it’s got a combination of unique traits that give it a chilled out and stress-free atmosphere.”

Grab a glimpse of what the entire Oasis Festival experience is like through this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wyvsdf2aHs ;

Then, let us know, which of Oasis Festival’s culture and wellness activities seems most interesting to you?

Moga Festival

Moga Festival is all about living a colorful life as it celebrates music and culture. The event takes place at the “Red City” of Astapor, in the picturesque Essaouira, where they actually film the Game of Thrones! They’re offering a good time with electronic culture, as well as moments of music, exchanges, and communion.

What’s special about Essaouira is that it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient Portuguese city being called “hippie” in the 60s with its atmosphere. Moga festival is inspired by this legacy and tries to influence a link between tradition and electronic cultures. At this location, you can travel through fortress walls, harbours, and hidden alleys for a perfect musical exploration.

No word yet on Moga Festival’s 2019 lineup, but last year, they did invite Achil, Acid Pauli, Bas Ibellini, Guy Gerber, Lady Goule, Machel Daniel, Nathabes, Nitin, Parallells, Rossko, Seb Zito, and Sepp to name a few! 

If you want to see how the party at Moga was like in 2018, here’s a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wifSugXgRHo ;

And with that, because the location of this festival was used in Game of Thrones, let us know what your favorite episode of the TV series is!

More Festival

“Music, art, and travel” that is what this electronic music festival is all about. This February 22 to 24, experience contemporary African art and afro beats at La Ville Rouge! The event has two venues: La Mamounia Marrakech and Raspoutine Marrakech, where you’ll be able to have a listen to names like Habibi Funk, which is funk music of the arab world during the 1970s, Pouvoir Magique from Mawimbi, which is all mystical afro and electronic, Secousse, which has African, tribal, and tropical electro tornados, and Yuksek, which is all about afro disco! Check out specific details on their website! http://www.more-festival.com/

Morocco is actually More Festival’s third venue, also hosting parties in Venice, Italy and in Arles, which is at the south of France. They have now joined forces with 1-54, which is an international art fair that promotes contemporary art! 

If you want to catch the vibe of More Festival, here’s a look at how they do it in Venice! https://www.facebook.com/MoreFestival/videos/vl.1983650568517603/1298420466970966/?type=1 ;

With that, because More Festival adores African contemporary art, why don’t you let us know who your favorite African artist it?

Beat Hotel

Beat Hotel is, as you guessed it, inspired by a hotel itself! The original Beat Hotel was a small, run-down hotel in the Latin Quarter of Paris, getting its name from Beat writers and artists who stayed there in the 50s and 60s. Because the Americas were very conservative back then, the Beats, consisting of William Boroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and their friends, made it a safe place to be creative!

This March 29-31 2019, you can experience Beat Hotel yourself for four days fifteen minutes away from Marrakech. There are various music ranges, as well as daytime pool sessions, live shows, label showcases, and late-night villa parties!

Some of Beat Hotel’s recently announced acts include: Andrew Weatherall, Deep Throat Choir, Flamingods, Gerd Janson, Gilles Peterson, Hunee, James Holden & Maalem Houssam Guinia, Master Musicians of Joujouka, Maribou State, and Young Fathers to name a few! Check out their website to know more! https://www.beat-hotel.com/programme/ ;

And, if Beat Hotel is starting to catch your interest, you’ll want to check out this concept video too just to see how aesthetic everything is! https://www.facebook.com/pg/beathotelofficial/videos/?ref=page_internal ;

As one of the Beats back in the 50s once said, “Follow your inner moonlight - don’t hide the madness.” 

Those are our four picks of Morocco’s Top Festivals so you can both party and grab a sneak peek at the country at the same time. Let us know which one you’re definitely checking out when you travel to the North African country on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! You can also make an account on our website for free, that’s just www.clubbingtv.com!

Ending today with another Moroccan proverb that states, “The mind is free and the slightest thought has great influence. It is, therefore, important that you think enlightened thoughts,” so leaving you now with the most enlightened thought that one day we’ll be partying together with the views of Morocco! Imagine how great that will be! And trust me, it will happen someday! I

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