December 12, 2018 by

Toronto’s Saad Ayub and Vandit Records’ Paul van Dyk have partnered up for a collaboration entitled “Future Memories” featured in van Dyk’s 9th artist album “Music Rescues Me.”

This song is all about energy, igniting emotions in your soul and showing the true quality of trance music! It’s an absolute rollercoaster, as the bass line surges listeners forward with uplifting, glistening synths to elevate the atmosphere. Robust bass and percussion makes its way back in for a final epic moment that carry over to the final notes of “Future Memories.”

In the words of Saad Ayub about the song, “While the outfits have changed, colours evolved and there are decidedly more lasers, dance music connects people today the same way it always has. We make new memories, while reminiscing about the past. That’s what Future Memories is all about!”

So what’re you waiting for, grab a listen to “Future Memories” now!

Then, let us know at what kind of party you’d play this trance song at!

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