November 28, 2018 by

There’s a new track hitting the airwaves and you have to check it out!

Grammy-nominated Afsheen has just collaborated with X-Factor UK superstar Rebecca Ferguson for new single “Creatures Of The Night!”

This song is all about Rebecca’s Ferguson’s beautiful vocals, a perfect blend with AFSHeen’s signature house sound. It has a striding bassline and mesmerizing chords, making you want to dance the night away and never want to stop!

In the words of AFSHeen about the song, “I started the initial version when I was in Korea and It took around three years and twelve versions to finally be happy with what you hear now. I had just finished a song called ‘Uncrazy’ with the incredibly talented Rebecca Fergusson, and thought she would be an amazing artist to vocal this song. She heard my rendition, and she agreed. Her voice brought this record home!”

Rebecca, on the other hand, also shares, “I’m so happy about being a part of this song and working with Armada; my roots are in electro and dance music, so it’s been fun going back to it and working with AFSHeeN and others. He makes music fun! I forget the business side of it all when I was working with his team. It’s all about being creative.”

That’s right, this song was produced by Armada Music, which makes it even ten times better! Why don’t you listen to “Creatures Of The Night” then let us know what event you’d love to play this at!

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