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“Moments Of Clarity is about those rare moments where everything seems to come together and fall into place; you find them in all aspects of life, not just in music. They don’t come along often, but when they do I always treasure them. Every track on the album finds its origin in one of those moments.” That’s how Dutch producer Eelke Kleijn describes the name of his third artist album, “Moments of Clarity,” which is out now via Days like Nights!

This album is inspired by Eelke Kleijn’s DJ career and how he built an international empire. He also touches on how he has experience as a film and TV composer, and piano, guitar, and bass player. He produces both club sounds and tunes for home listening.

Here’s the tracklist for “Moments of Clarity!”

1. Maschine 1.0

2.  Lost Souls (feat. Ost)

3. 1,000 Lights

4.  The Calling

5. Drive

6. Glass Waves

7. Punta Cana

8. De Orde Van De Nacht (Part 2)

9. Mojo's Tale

10. Maschine 2.0

11. Moments Of Clarity

12. René

And with that, Eelke Kleijn is also going on tour in honor of his third artist album!

Here are the tour dates and locations!

November 22 Istanbul, Turkey @ Zorlu Studio

November 28 Stockholm, Sweden @ MR. Voon

December 1 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Thuishaven [10 hrs set]

December 7 Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Crobar

December 9 Cordoba, Argentina @ Zebra Beach

January 11 Jakarta, Indonesia @ Jenja

January 12 Bali, Indonesia @ Jenja

January 19 Melbourne, Australia @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl

January 20 Brisbane, Australia @ Capulet [DAYS like NIGHTS]

January 25 Perth, Australia @ Geisha

January 26 Sydney, Australia @ Electric Gardens Festival

January 27 Matakana Country Park, New Zealand @ Sonorous Festival

Why don’t you grab a listen to “Moments of Clarity,” and in preparation for his tour, let us know which song you love most from the album!

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