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The duo from Paris “Maan on the Moon” is back with a brand new single entitled “Black Train,” which has just been released via Parlophone/WMG!

You’ll love the song as it has a signature rippling guitar with spiraling harmonica. It also has the most hypnotic beat with western-inspired vocals. This magical electro pop sound shows why the production of the duo is really state of the art!

In the words of Maan on the Moon about “Black Train” : “Our melodic inspiration was to create a tension between harmonica and guitar, a fight between the two as the Black Train races through your emotional universe.”

And with that, the duo also is set to release their first EP after the huge success of their first single “Soar,” which got over 10 million streams! They said, “We have already planned our future concerts, with lights, video, etc. We want to use a live format with a singer, a guitarist, me (Smil) on the pads and John Raays on the turntables, a real show, a spectacle. What we want is to reach out to as many people as possible, we don't want to belong to an electro caste, we do electro-pop, we want to be part of both worlds. On Spotify, the people listening to our music range from 16 to 88 years old."

To tease that EP, grab a listen to new track “Black Train!”

Then, let us know at what event you’d for sure play the song!

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