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Eleven new tracks by French techno artist Julian Jeweil debuted on his new LP entitled “Transmission.” This is his first LP after being in the music industry for more than a decade!

In the words of the artist himself, “With Transmission I wanted to produce an album which would represent me a hundred percent, without limiting myself or setting boundaries. It was important for me to make an LP where every single track could be used in a mix as well as listened to at home. The album's concept was simple: Transmission tells a story; my techno story.”

Julian, who is a part of Adam Beyer’s Drumcode family, is a household name at Drumcode events as well as international events like Fabric, Tomorrowland, Womb, Time Warp, Dreambeach Festival, and BPM Festival. He is also M-nus’ top selling artist, as well as Beatport’s #1 selling techno artist of 2015. Originally from Marseille, he is supported by artists around the world like Moby, Deadmau5, Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann, and Pan-Pot! And catch this, on his free time, he likes to paint!

The track listing for his LP is as follows:


01. Intro

02. Transmission

03. Mars

04. Internal

05. Planet X

06. Futura

07. Hyoid

08. Turbulence

09. Dorsal

10. Astral

11. Final


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