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He’s known as one of Scandanavia’s most sought-after artists, so you can imagine how excited people are to hear that he has a new 8-track album!

Nandu’s “One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety” is out now!

This release draws inspiration from the artist’s roots in Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Salsa! He travels with his sound – from steamy South America to the Nordic winters! In the words of Nandu himself, “ometimes in life you make a choice that you regret but which will always will follow you. When uncontrollable powers force you into another direction, it can easily switch the poles between high and low.”

The tracks all vary in sound. “What You Have To Do” is more of a calm embrace, while “Calling” soars over bleeps and echoes. “Isibane” is a little more of a tribal sound, while “When They Call” includes moody textures. If you want to medidate, “The Cost Of My Dream” is for you! There are also three more tracks: “You Will See,” which features Apoke, “While You Wait,” and the song named after the album itself, “One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety,” but I’ll let you listen to the album to hear the unique sound of those! https://open.spotify.com/album/6Q9IzBgM2S34WTR1VX7gxR?si=fhJl-ITsSmiNBZbf3_iRKg

After you listen to all eight tracks, do let us know which one was your favorite!

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