October 28, 2018 by

You’ve heard Guy Gerber’s song “What To Do” and absolutely loved it, right?

Well, now the producer has released his very own remix package for the track!

The original song by the Israeli DJ is all about cymbal claps and a wide range of percussion, but the remix package includes mixes from German producer &ME and DJ Jes from Chicago.

To give you a little briefer on Guy Gerber, he’s actually earned a spot on Resident Advisor’s top 10 live performers for three years in a row. He launched his label RUMORS in 2014, housing huge artists like Dixon and big tracks like “No Distance” with Puff Daddy. “What To Do” is actually the 15th Rumors release so far!

Why don’t you grab a listen to the remixes then let us know which you like more! https://lnk.to/RMS015


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