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They’re known as the creators of the first E-music bachelor degree, but now, Conservatorium Haarlem is making history again! The conservatory becomes the first of its kind to apply for a part-time associate degree program.

An associate degree program is a two-year higher education and sits between the Dutch mbo-4 and hbo-bachelor degree. This will allow the conservatory to fulfill the demand for higher quality. The students will further their careers and fulfill their ambtions.

Artistic Director of Conservatorium Haarlem Richard Zijlma shares, “Holland has been dominating the world of electronic music for years. To maintain this leading position and pioneering role, we need to invest heavily in new talent. Knowledge of technology, producing skills, songwriting and music theory are of great importance to take Dutch electronic music to the next level.  The E-music associate degree is therefore necessary to provide top talented producers/DJ’s and artists with a high level of education.”

The program centers around developing the skills and creativity of the student. They’ll get to participate in master classes, writer camps, music fairs, clubs, and studios.

If you want to learn more, check out this website! https://www.bfcc.nl/welcome

Then, let us know if you’d ever get a degree in music!

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