September 12, 2018 by

In collaboration with Yoyaku, D’Julz’ released new label “JV!” This is the only vinyl in their collaboration!

The tracks in “JV” include “Chaplin’s Bong” and “J’y Vais.” The first track kicks off the EP with its groove-packed house cut, while the second, the translates to “I go” is heavily drawn by Chicago influences with its deep and bass-heavy tune.

In the words of D’Julz, “With Bass Culture Records nearing its tenth anniversary, it’s absolutely the right time to artistically invest in a new project. The music coming from Yoyaku and sub-labels like Hostom, AKU and Yoyakuza, is consistently high-grade stuff. We both share the same ethos of bringing a fresh generation of artists to the forefront, so working together is sure to be totally inspiring.”

Grab a listen to the tracks now!

Then, let us know which of the two songs of “JV” you like more!

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