July 16, 2018 by

We love it when music and art come together!

DGTL Barcelona’s festival grounds have recently premiered Playmodes’ ‘Cluster’ installation In Europe. It was previously showcased in the US, but brought to Barcelona as the event’s main art centerpiece, and it’s definitely eyecatching!

This work of art is an audiovisual site-specific installation that explores relationships between space, time, and perception. It’s architecture using light instruments transforming space into a language of light and sound. The overall show is twelve minutes, but when you walk through it, you’ll feel like you’re in another dimension.

DGTL is known for this, allowing local artists to stand out through their collaborations. If you want to know how to experience ‘Cluster,’ check out DGTL’s website! https://dgtl.nl/select-your-edition/

Then, tell us if you’ve ever made any cool art installations!

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