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If you want something immersive, why don’t you check out the multi-installation exhibition “No Flyers No Posters,” which displays 25 years of Sonar Image!

Between May 24 to June 23, the Centre D’Art Tecla Sala in L’Hospitalet will host a reinterpretation of iconic campaign themes. There will be 50 iconic pieces displayed in 10 rooms, the exhibition offering an experiential tour through numerous themes that shaped the Sonar campaigns over the last 25 years. This collection includes videos, installations, sculptures, documentation, and photographs.

With that, there will be an exhibition of a giant installation by Sergio Caballero, who is the co-director of Sonar and the artist behind the brand’s visual imagery. His piece features ghosts from 2010, telekinetic twins from 2006, Maradona in 2002, and the parents of the festival’s organizers in 1997 to name a few!

There are tons of things you can see for yourself, so if you want to know how to get in, check out Centre D’Art Tecla Sala’s website!

Also, check out this video!

The entrance to the exhibition is absolutely free, so once you grab a visit, let us know which pieces are your favorites!

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