March 7, 2018 by

Wanna listen to Marcel Fengler’s crowning achievement as a label owner? He worked eighteen months for the incredible IMF10 compilation, and it’s finally here!

The three part release of the compilation features eighteen exclusive originals and remixes from various artists! These artists include Alva Noto, FJAAK, Shed, Lucy, Thomas Hessler, Luke Slater, and Eric Cloutier. In addition, there’s a rare track from Sebastian Kramer, also known as Redshape!

Marcel Fengler is definitely promoting his new material as well, including the new debut of AZUR. This is his new alias that focuses on melodic and groovier sounds. He even collaborates with Efdemin for a new DIN trick. If you want to listen to it, check out his soundcloud!

Then, why don’t you let us know, in honor of this new release, which of the artists Fengler features in the compilation is your favorite?

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