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Let’s talk about Elrow returning to Amnesia Ibiza for another spectacular season during the summer this 2018! That’s right, the two brands are collaborating again!

In 2017, Elrow sold out 14 of their 18 events at Amnesia Ibiza, with over 120,000 party-goers! They’re planning to surpass that this year, with their incredible shows filled with stunning costumes, props, performances, circus performers, animation experts, inflatables and confetti! They’ve got the works going!

In the words of Elrow Patriarch Juan Arnau Sr, “During the summer season of 2017 the Arnau family from Huesca returned to the best club on the island to make fan's dream come true with the magic of "elrow". In 2018 what we will do will be pure "Mirage" Come and see!”

If you still can’t decide, take a glimpse at this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=GMOxxmrNR_k

Elrow definitely gets better and better by the years! If you want to grab tickets, check out their website! https://www.elrow.com/en/events/upcoming

Then, let us know which Elrow and Amnesia Ibiza’s collaborations are your favorites

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