January 29, 2018 by

Paris label Bass Culture has something new from owner D’Julz! Artist D’Julz has invited numerous talented individuals for an extra special remix package! Some of the names who contributed to this remix packaged, based on D’Julz’s 2015 EP “Houdini” include Sebo K, Henrik Bergqvist, and Romanian MP!

There are three tracks and four remixes, namely Houdini, Serendipity, and Waiting 4 Visa! D’Julz handpicked the artists themselves to put their own spin on his songs, and the results are unique and beautifully eccentric!

Mixmag actually gave us a premiere of Sebo K’s remix of Serendipity! Grab a listen! http://%20https//soundcloud.com/mixmag-1/premiere-djulz-serendipity-sebo-k-remix

And, once you listen to all four mixes, be sure to let us know which is your favorite!

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