January 10, 2018 by

Because “Nost” was a massive hit, BPitch Control unveiled round three of remixes of different tracks from the album by a new batch of heavyweight contributors! For part three, we have Alan Oldham, Eomac, Amotik and XDB volunteering their services to bring “Nost” to another level and adding their twist on it!

The third edition of remixes opens with Alan Oldham, who pumps the track “Jack My Ass” with energy, including a hypnotic riff! Then follows Eomac’s version of “Mind Journey,” making the vocal interestingly distorted it is unrecognizable from the original – very cool! Amotik adds his own twist to “Mind Journey as well, quickening the pace and adding hefty drums, building a steady tension. And finally, XDB filteres “Call Me” with a rolling groove, keeping the audience engaged from start to finish!

Also, you may be able to hear the original version of these songs from “Nost” live, because Ellen Allien is going on tour this year! Check out their website for dates, Lyon, Amsterdam, and Milan are some of the places where they’ll be traveling to! http://www.ellenallien.de/

Why don’t you check out the remixes from part three of “Nost!” Then, let us know which of the four is your favorite!

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