December 19, 2017 by

Somebody is ready to back to the musical scene, but this time, in a different way!

It’s been almost 20 years since Hector left Mexico to pursue his dream of DJing. Since then, he has achieved great things! His biggest achievement so far? Releasing a brand new label called “VLack!”

For the first release, Hector collaborated with MoodRAW boss Nicole Moudabor!

In Hector’s words, “Now is the time for new challenges. My mind is open and I am finding myself experimenting with sounds I was exposed to in my earlier DJ career and I am inspired by this. I’m ready. Now is the time for VLack.”

What’s interesting is that before getting into the music scene, Hector was a pro footballer in Guadalajara! He talks about it with DJ Sounds, here is a little preview!

Why don’t you check out Hector’s website for more information about his new label and his upcoming tour!

Once you do, why don’t you let us know what you love about Hector’s works!

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