December 12, 2017 by

International Music Summit is returning to Ibiza with a Wellness agenda for the next year!

IMS Ibiza is taking a stand for something overlooked in modern day society, attention on health and wellness for mind and body, within the genre of sexual harassment!

Happening from May 23-25, 2018, IMS announced their key themes for the 11th summit – their platform previously described as “the TED of music conferences” and being responsible for initiatives within the electronic music industry across the world including Europe, North America, and Asia!

An influential network of women in the industry creating group She Said.So actually brought to light the theme of sexual harassment in DJ culture. And at IMS Ibiza, they’ll be assess the impact of the issue specifically in the electronic music industry, detecting root causes and how to take action!

If you want to know more about how to become a delegate in this summit, be sure to check out IMS Ibiza’s website!

Then, let us know how you feel about the issue of sexual harassment in the music industry!

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