November 5, 2017 by

Recently, German producers and DJs Jens Moelle and Ismail Tufecki, also known as Digitalism, unveiled their highly-anticipated single entitled “JET!” This comes from their new EP, “5KY11GHT.”

Previously, the duo released “Spektrum” which is the first single of the EP and it became a huge hit! If you haven’t heard that, check it out because it’s filled with layers of high-tempo synth-tones and brooding opening chords.

“JET” on the otherhand features the drumming skills of Mixhell’s Igor Cavalera, and has an ever-evolving sound that is out of this world.

In honor of Digitalism’s new EP, they’re actually going on tour as well! Check out their website for their tour dates!

And, with that, be sure to let us know what you love most about the artists’ sound

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