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When your troubled, what do people usually tell you? The mantra “Everything is OK!” usually works!
Scream it out loud, shout it proud, and join Host in comfort and reassurance as they release their new single! It's out April 7 via Domain Records!
“Everything is Ok” is released ahead of further singles later this year. Host has been working in both Berlin and London working with producer Alex Metric to bring their fans the best music. They're also continuing their relationship with Steve Dub of The Chemical Brothers!
The song has already gotten all the buzz, Clash saying, “Their impeccable take on electronic pop is all melody and atmosphere, as contagious as it is affecting.” Breaking More Waves calls the song a “delightful dance pop tune that throbs in strobe lit ecstasy,” while Indie Shuffle calls it, “inquisitive, motivating, and nothing short of a banger.”
If you're having a bad day, why don't you grab a listen to “Everything is OK!” to make yourself feel a little better!
Also, why don't you let us know what you usually do to make yourself feel better!
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