February 24, 2017 by
For the fifth year in a row, Solomun's influential Solomun + 1 night will be back at the Pacha club!
It's the biggest night in Ibiza and will only be happening Sunday evening, amidst the 21 parties that will go on from May 27 to October 15.
For Solomun + 1, the influential DJ and producer is in the hallowed DJ booth of Pacha, where great light, sound, and production brings people from all over the world together. Solomun is known for having the best selections of music, this year surely not disappointing.
Keep your eyes peeled for the lineup in the next coming weeks! Solomun is only the beginning. Be sure to check out Pacha's website! www.pacha.com
And, to hype you up, let us know what you love most about Solomun's performances!
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