February 6, 2017 by
Ilario Alicante makes his full length Drumcode debut with a new four track EP! “Awakened” has already released and has four tracks: Times, Awakened, Sense, and Apogeo. It kicks off with rattling percussion and thundering bassline with the first track. The second song has bubbling arpeggios and an echoing vocal sample. The third song is a lot darker and eeper, the Apogeo, the last track, has a perfect down beat tune to close out the package. “Awakened” is definitely a good exemplification of Ilario's diverse discography, perfectly fitting the Drumcode aesthetic. If you wanna catch a listen to the songs, be sure to check out his Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/ilario-alicante Then, let us know which of the four tunes is your favorite!
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