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DJ Kura

KURA is currently one of the most hyped DJ and producers. Signed to the most important worldwide EDM


MastikSoul began his career in ‘92, at a time where his life was split between Portugal and France

Pete Tha Zouk

One of the most wanted DJ in Portugal and a rising star abroad, especially in Brazil. Pete Tha Zouk

BPM Festival

The BPM Festival, which stands for “Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians” was created in 2008 and he


Neopop Festival is a hugely well-loved underground electronic music festival which takes place each

Diego Miranda

Diego Miranda, is one of the most influential DJs and Producers. Actually Top 50th Djs in the world,

Lisb-On Jardim Sonoro

Transforming the Parque Edoardo VII into the Jardim Sonoro of the festival's name, the beautiful g


Tecnho amateur dj

mapMarkerGrey Rua da Madeira, Porto, Portuga...

ElÈtrico Festival

Dance music festival that privileges contact with nature, the sun and the outdoors, for the family,

mapMarkerGrey Porto, Portugal...


Trois jours d'art et de musique. ET CETERA sont des avant-gardes de talents nationaux et étrangers,

mapMarkerGrey Rua do Castelo 9, 8000-243 Far...

Festival Forte

Cutting-edge electronic music and groundbreaking visual arts inside the walls of the castle of Monte

mapMarkerGrey 3140 Montemor-o-Velho, Portuga...

Freedom Festival

Look like it was in another life

mapMarkerGrey São Gião, Coimbra, Portugal...