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Clubbing Experience with Mr.Belt & Wezol @ SummerFestival19/04/2017

One hour with Mr Belt & Wezol on the Heldeep stage at the Summer Festival 2015.

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Mr Belt & Wezol were on the Heldeep stage at the SummerFestival in Antwerp !

Dutch DJ duo Mr. Belt & Wezol (Bart & Sam) have recently been responsible for a unique sound in nowadays dance music, steeped in classic house vibes and perhaps best portrayed with their first joint track 'Homeless', released in 2013. Made by Sam, the duo's producer, the tune launches Mr. Belt & Wezol as innovators in dance music. Especially with the release of recent, high charting tracks «Finally‘ and «Somebody To Love‘ this reputation gets acknowledged more and more.

Though Mr. Belt & Wezol are influenced by house music of the 80s and 90s they reject the idea of taking DJing too seriously and try to vary in the music they put out. In doing so, they have carved out a new space for themselves within the EDM community.

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