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La Troya @ Amnesia Ibiza19/04/2017

Spend a night at La Troya with the crazy performers @ Amnesia Ibiza !

Spend a night at La Troya with the crazy performers @ Amnesia Ibiza !

All you can do in Ibiza, the « Temple of Clubbing ». From secret places to the best clubs through bars, beaches and restaurants, you won‘t miss a thing! Clubbing TV brings you to THE island at its best.

«La Troya» is the most authentic party in Ibiza and the best night on the island. After 30 years of life it has become the promoter with more years working in Ibiza. The father of this creature is Brasilio de Oliveira, an icon in Ibiza and in the rest of the world for all the parties he creates at Ku-Ibiza and Ku-Privilege. Brasilio conceived La VacaAsesina 19 years ago in Ku-Privilege then he decides to move to Amnesia where it became La Troya asesina. Being the public who immediately reduced the original name to just « La Troya», and thats how its known since then. On every party 's night Brasilio gave happiness, illusion, magic and transgression to the more than 7000 people from all around the world. Its at the huge Amnesia «terrace» where the most amazing performances happens, and the transparent cealing creates the magic moment when the day light starts to enter the place and you can see each others happy faces and melting down make up.

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