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Rendez-vous with Frequencerz and B-Front @ ADE 201419/04/2017

We talked about the hardstyle scene in Netherlands with Frequencerz and B-Front on a boat during the ADE 2014!

We talked about the hardstyle scene in Netherlands with Frequencerz and B-Front on a boat during the ADE 2014!


It all started when producer Pepijn began his quest, to search for a DJ better than the rest. Along his journey, he met Niels. They learned from one another, and became close friends. Their passion for Hardstyle grew stronger each day. Together, they formed the Frequencerz, and played chaotic sound waves wherever they went.

Their almighty power was sensed by two DJs - Deepack and D-Block & S-te-Fan. When Deepack played «Tomorrow and Beyond‘ to close Defqon.1 2008, the Frequencerz knew they had hit the right note. Their drive to succeed had grown immensely, and they were eager to dominate enormous stages.
Since the beginning of their DJ carreer, they've performed at major events such as Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor, Hard Bass, and many more.

The Frequencerz are Hardstyle rock stars who will quake the grounds from stage to stage, and lead screaming crowds to the edge of fatality. Pay attention, for there will be no escape from the burning flames of their frequencies.


Armed with an unmatched ear for kicks and a passion for hardstyle that began during his early childhood, B-Front has continuously challenged hardstyle music norms throughout the years.

For the Dutch producer, what started out as a basement hobby quickly became a full-fledged career in one of the most competitive sectors of the music industry. It hasn‘t come easily, but then again, success on the scale that B-Front has managed to achieve usually takes years of hard work and perseverance.

The results, however, have been astronomical. Now considered a major pioneer within the hardstyle community, B-Front has come a long way since his days curating house parties and local raves. His forward-thinking production style and knack for creating dark, sonorous soundscapes has won the support of artists such as Digital Punk, Ran-D, Titan, Alpha2, Frontliner and Adaro (to name a few). In 2006, his chart-topping hit «Lunatick» put him on the radar of many industry heavyweights and helped launch what would prove to be a straight run of successful releases.

As a DJ, it was getting to headline festivals such as Defqon.1 Festival, Loudness, Mysteryland, Hard Bass and Thrillogy that turned B-Front into a household name within the global hardstyle scene. His work as part of the Fusion Records family is unprecedented within his musical niche, and he credits the label for having helped him develop his art and his musical trademark.

He currently enjoys a residency at the legendary Dutch event «Loudness‘ and is frequently involved with a variety of emerging independent labels. His primary motivator as an artist remains the same as when he first discovered his love for beats.

«I followed my heart...I used to sit in my bedroom imagining what it would be like to DJ big events. It‘s a cool thing to watch a dream like that become a reality.»

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