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“Huso” by Andhim

2017-09-24 08:46

Now, if you guys want a track to prep you for the party scene, you might want to take a listen to Andhim’s new two-track “Huso.”

The duo from Cologne/Berlin is back again on Superfriends Records for their new song “Huso.” This EP is filled with with Eastern-flavored melodies, soaring synths, and low-slung drums that’s ready to ignite a party on any danceflor. The two-track is wrapped up by “Amene,” which has synth stabs, exotic vocal samples, and a hypnotic aesthetic.

According to Andhim, “Compared to our previous releases on the label 'Huso' goes a totally new direction again. We just love to show our full spectrum. This time we gave the music an oriental touch which we never did before.”

Why don’t you grab a listen to “Huso!”

Then, let us know which of the two tracks you like more!

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