April 13, 2018 by

DJ Mag’s “Best Breakthrough DJ” nominee Brian Cid reveals what’s next in his career! Prepare yourself for the launch of ‘Endangered,’ a new event concept and record label!

In Brian Cid’s words, “ENDANGERED is a full sensory experience that explores a 'near end of the world' scenario through high performance art, spacey visuals and eclectic dance music - one that resembles my own sonic style. ENDANGERED is more than a music label. It's an ideal, a movement, the ultimate form of artistic and spiritual expression."

With the release of “Endangered” is Brian Cid’s “Intriga” EP with five songs: The Space Above, Fantasio, Petalos Sole, Intriga, and Vacio! To know more, check out Brian Cid’s website! SoundCloud.com/BrianCid

Then, why don’t you let us know which of the five songs from the EP seem most interesting to you!

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