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Check out all about this new collaboration between Danny Serrano and Mendo!

For over a decade now, the two have loved getting together in the studio. They return with the release of three-track “Ramon Ramon” EP!

The title track, “Ramon Ramon” features the vocals of Andre Butano and has a metallic, rhythymic percussions, gaining pace as the song goes on. The second song is “Grush,” which is a little thicker. And the EP finishes off with “Confessions,” which is rough-edged and clap-happy.

You’ll love what these two have to offer for you! If you didn’t know, they are regulars on labels like Saved and Moon Harbour. They are very well-known producers in the genres of house, techno, and acid.

You can check out all three tracks of “Ramon Ramon” EP now! https://open.spotify.com/album/1vpSNTUX3RdqsR2y3lFsef

Once you listen to all of them, let us know which of the three you love most!

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