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The International Music Summit has always advocated for the future of the electronic music industry! Recently, they released two initiatives to support the next generation of industry innovators, influencers, and distruptors – the initiatives being called Visionaries and Accelerator!

It’s the 5th year Visionaries is collaborating with Mixmag, now with IMS as well. It aims to inspire industry professionals who will challenge current thinking and present new ways overcoming the issues facing electronic music today!

Accelerator, on the other hand, is brand new! What this initiative wants is to provide a platform for music business start-ups to be heard so they can achieve their long-term objectives!

Both initiatives advocate for something great, in the words of IMS Co-Founder Ben Turner, “IMS x Mixmag Visionaries has already found some exceptional thinkers that continue to make waves in our industry, launching IMS Accelerator to support the tech community and start-up culture feels like the natural progression in our ongoing efforts to nurture the next generation.”

These initiatives are opening themselves up to everyone who is passionate about the industry. You may even have a chance to attend IMS Ibiza, so check out their website to see how you can apply! www.internationalmusicsummit.com/next-gen/

Then, let us know if you what your vision is pertaining to the music world

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