January 10, 2018 by

If you’re a huge fan of Moby, you know that his song “Natural Blues” was released over two decades ago. That song conquered the world of dance, and because we all want to relive the memory, Moby decided to revive the song with a special collaboration – the incredible Showtek!

The remake does not lose sight of its origins, with the original’s iconic vocal partitions and drops sure to give the crowd that festival-ready tune they’re anticipating! It’s the perfect combination between one of the most well-respected dance music does and the legendary act!

In the words of Showtek, We are honored to work with the iconic Moby. The original version is one of our favorite songs, so when Moby and his team approached us to re-produce the original, we got very excited!”

Why don’t you grab a listen to the new version of “Natural Blues!” https://sk027.lnk.to/NBPR

Then, let us know if you like the original from twenty years ago more, or the one now!

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