January 5, 2018 by

It’s wonderful that the electronic music industry is also using their voice to shed light on subjects that need to be enlightened. They’re not only focused on music, but on changing the world as well.

The Association for Electronic Music, also known as AFEM, is the global trade body for electronic music, representing the interests of those in the industry. They recently launched their confidential sexual harassment support service, delivered by Health Assured, to provide advice and guidance to those affected by sexual harassment.

In the words of CEO Mark Lawrence, “AFEM has championed equality and inclusion as vital foundations of our industry and we unequivocally condemn sexual abuse and harassment of any kind. To step forward as a victim of abuse or harassment takes immense courage and we will support all who need help and guidance.”

If you want to know more about how AFEM is using their power to speak out against sexual harassment, be sure to check out their website! https://www.associationforelectronicmusic.org

Then, let us know what other issues need to be brought to light in the electronic music industry!