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Have you ever thought about partying in outer space?

Might seem like an out of this world idea, but it actually is happening! Big City Beats is ready to make history with the world’s very first zero gravity party! This is all happening on February 7, 2018!

This event really takes the music industry into the next level, headlined by the biggest DJs in the world like Armin van Buuren and Steve Aoki, and taking off from the Frankfurt Airport! It’s happening at World Club Dome, dubbed as “The World’s Smallest Nightclub.” And in order to get there? The European Space Agency for astronaut training flights are using a specially converted A310 aircraft! Partygoers and DJs will feel absolutely weightless!

What’s cool about this event is that attendees won’t be paying for their ticket, they’ll be applying for it. Only 10 people will be invited, chosen from their 20-second application on social media. If you want to join, use the hashtag #wcdZeroGravity!

And, to entice you even further, check out this trailer for the party!

Once you apply, why don’t let us know on which planet you would love to party on!

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