December 12, 2017 by

Have you all heard of Gamma Fest?

Well, it’s a high class event in St. Petersburg, and because of its 2017 success, it’s ready for their 2018 edition!

Gamma Fest is thrilling, being able to draw 7500 people to a grand showcase of art and music exhibitions! It happened this year from the 14th to the 16h of July, featuring various genres from house to deep techno! Names like Regis, Terrence Fixmer, and Kettenkarussel were present!

And because Gamma Festival wanted to show that they are a 2-day avante-garde rave experience like none other, they decided to present a thrilling after movie for this year’s party! If you want to have a sneak peek, here it is!

Absolutely exciting, we must say! That’s why you need to get your tickets for the 2018 Gamma Festival, the exact date to be from July 19-22! Check out their website to know more!

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