December 7, 2017 by

Do you want your ear drums to be amazed? Tale of Us has something unique for every music-lover out there!

We’ve all heard of Sound Tulum, right? It’s a music event that boasts of exotic and magical places of the indigenous culture as a unique and exceptional event! This is to celebrate the extraordinary graphical point of Mexico as the epicenter of electronic dance music!

Well, the event just announced duo “Tale Of Us” to be taking part of the event! This duo, voted “Best DJ” by Mixmag and originating in Italy will be present for Odyssey on January 15 from 2pm-10pm! They’ll also be joined by Neo Human and Oostil! The highlight of Odyssey is its intimate sunset-sessions in idyllic, beachside locations around the world. It started in 2017 at Alemagou Mykonos, now it goes to Tulum!

If you want to know more about this event and how to get tickets, be sure to check out Sound Tulum’s website!

Then, to prep you for Odyssey, let us know what your favorite thing to do at the beach is!

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