September 12, 2017 by
We all love Avicii, right? Well, there's an entire film all about him!
Piece of Magic Entertainment recently unveiled a compelling new documentary film by Levan Tsikurishvili, premiering on October 26 worldwide entitled “Avicii: True Stories!” This is a 30-minute concert film all about the success of the Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter, and artist, even giving a sneak peek on why he decided to quit doing live shows last year, something that came as a shock to his fans.
In the words of the director, “I wanted to do a brutally honest film about Tim as a person and not only about Avicii. Everybody knows Avicii but very few people know Tim. I think this documentary really shows Tim's struggle and strength of character. Being a worldwide superstar artist is not as easy as it looks on Instagram.”
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