September 11, 2017 by
If you're more into partying till the sun comes down instead of the other way around, Dockyard Daytime Festival may be the event for you!
The event is caught between land and water, their abandoned industrial estate radiating a derelict character. There are four huge, pre-warmed tents and it's full of raw energy and cheering voices! In order to enter, you can come by bike or make use of the pendelbus service!
There are four different parties at Dockyard Daytime Festival, including Dockyard, Mystic Garden, Pole Group, and Terminal One! Names include Sven Vath, Eats Everything, Oscar Mulero, and Ben Sims!
If you want to get tickets to Dockyard Daytime Festival, be sure to check out their website!
Then, let us know what you love most about Daytime parties!
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